The Chamber is excited to host an Alive After 5 with you!

This is a well-known and respected networking event in our community, exclusively hosted by Chamber Members. These highlight new business ventures, remodeling, relocations and annual events at established businesses. They are typically scheduled on Tuesday from 4-7 p.m.

The Chamber will:

  • create and distribute posters for the event, posters need to include the Chamber’s logo.
  • promote the event on our e-newsletter, Weekly Features, Community Calendar and social media
  • be at the event to help host and greet guests
  • provide raffle slips with a place for guests to sign-up for your emails or newsletters

Your Business/Organization will: 

  • prepare to host your guests for the two hour event
  • invite customers, clients and other key members of support
  • send event details to Chamber 4 weeks prior to the event:
    • what you’re celebrating (renovations, 15 years, Halloween…)
    • food and drinks served (catered by…, food & wine…)
    • event attractions (prizes, music, beverage tent…)
    • specified audience if necessary (adults only, clients only…)
  • place order for the amount of Chamber Bucks desired for the raffle if desired

Each AA5 is different and varies in style and attendance. To schedule, please contact Alisha: [email protected] or 319-653-3272

There is a $50 planning fee for this event. Price includes all listed Chamber contributions.