The City of Washington operates under a Mayor/ Council form of government.

The mayor and council members are elected for staggered, four year terms. The six council members are elected from the four city wards, and two at-large councilors serve also.  Below are listed your council representatives and when their terms expire.

Jaron Rosien was elected Mayor of Washington in November of 2017 was sworn in as Mayor January 1, 2018.  Jaron had previously served one term on the city council representing the Fourth Ward before deciding to run for mayor when Sandra Johnson chose not to run for re-election.   Jaron may be reached via email at  He will meet with individuals by appointment.  Jaron may be reached at 319-321-5365.

Mayor Rosien represents the City of Washington on the County Emergency Board; County Communications Board; the E911 Board; and the SEMCO Landfill Board.

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    Jaron Rosien | Mayor

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    Danielle Pettit-Majewski | 1st Ward

    • image-378

    Steven Gault | 2nd Ward

    • image-380

    Brendan DeLong | 3rd Ward

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    Fran Stigers | 4th Ward

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    Millie Youngquist | Councilor at Large

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    Elaine Moore | Counselor At Large

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