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Enjoy our parks and other outdoor areas!

Rental Options Available

  • Sunset Park*
  • Steele Aquatic Center
  • Skate Park
  • Basketball Court
  • Frisbee Golf
  • Dog Park
  • Kewash Trail

*Questions regarding shelter rental should be directed to Superintendent Nick Pacha at 319-321-4886 or with the form below.

Sunset Park is a beautiful expanse of land located just blocks from downtown. Rolling Meadows, ornate decorated bridges offer the casual walking enthusiast a beautiful peaceful setting for exercise. The park features a large playground exercise area – the New Dawn area, where children can run, climb, slide and swing to their heart’s content. There is ample seating for parents to round out the featured area. Playground equipment is placed throughout the park including a featured Rocket Slide. Going down the steep slide with it’s protective sides provides a real eye opener for the youngsters.

There is a large expanse of land on the north side for field walking and sitting to enjoy sunsets. The park features many pavilions for family gatherings complete with cooking, coal/grate amenities, basketball court, skateboard facility and dog park. Rounding out the park is the Washington – Steele Family Aquatic Center.

Central Park is the showcase of downtown Washington.  The fountain was erected in 1939 to commemorate Washington’s one hundred year celebration.  Thanks to volunteers, this one of a kind fountain continues to be the centerpiece of downtown Washington.  It is still in operation today and features a beautiful water display, and a colorful lighting display in the evenings.

Central Park also serves as a hub for many community activities during warm weather.  Included is the weekly – and very popular – farmer’s market, art and craft events, car shows, Relay for Life and band concerts.