Thank You For Helping Fund Our Community Initiatives

Seeking exposure? Creative ways to market your business? Looking to position your company as a community leader? The Chamber provides many ways to get your business in front of local businesses and professionals plus the many community events that serve our area residents.

Your support of Chamber programs and events will ensure that your company is recognized as an active participant in the Chamber’s mission of facilitating community leadership to create economic prosperity. From leadership to community events, and from networking to business training, we have a perfect fit for your organization’s goals and objectives.

Sponsorship allows you to create a point of difference between you and your competition. You will make connections with your target market(s), meet your objectives cost-effectively, and position your brand. Sponsorship can provide more relevance and excitement around things on which you are already spending money, such as advertising, promotions, e-commerce, loyalty marketing and employee programs. The net effect is a dynamic sponsorship which supports your overall marketing program.

Packages can be customized to fit your budget and marketing goals. Please contact us at 319-653-3272 to find the right fit for you.

  • Majority of our events are provided free to the community
  • Your business can keep vital community events strong in the community, while receiving valuable exposure
  • Events must be able to break even to remain a viable program



Community Magazine

  • Opportunity to represent your business in our award-winning magazine which offers a comprehensive overview of our community
  • Over 10,000 copies are distributed around the state in tourism centers, to prospective employees, and new community members
  • Magazine is given to every new member to our community before purchasing habits have been established
  • Magazine is published every other year, with the next publication being produced in the fall of 2019

If you are interested in learning more about this fantastic advertising opportunity, please contact the Chamber Executive Director, Michelle Redlinger, 319-653-3272, [email protected].

Sponsorship Letter 2023 Preview