PHONE: 319-653-6584
FAX: 319-653-5273

Board of Adjustment

Board of Adjustment Members

Charla Howard | Chair | 2028

Jim Zieglowsky | Vice-Chair | 2025*

Merle Hagie | 2024

Mardi Knerr | 2025*

John Greener | 2025

vacancy | 2026

Mark Bradley | 2026

*- County Representative
Term ends June 30th of each year

The Zoning Board of Adjustment consists of seven members. Of those, five are residents of the city and two are residents outside of the City limits, but within the “Two-Mile Zone.”

The Mayor appoints board members for a term of five years. The Zoning Official acts as Secretary for the Board and is appointed by the City Council. Applications need to be turned in to the Zoning Official at City Hall.

Meetings are held on the 4th Monday of each month at 5:15 p.m.

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