Phone: 319-653-6584
Fax: 319-653-5273

Duties + Responsibilities of the Building & Zoning Division

  • Code enforcement and nuisance abatement: If you have concerns, want to report a nuisance, or have questions about a property in Washington, please contact the Code Enforcement Officer at City Hall (319-653-6584) or visit:
  • To assist property owners and contractors with building codes within the city
  • Examine blueprints and inspect construction for new buildings, renovation of existing building and to insure all code requirements are met for electrical, plumbing, mechanical, building, ADA and fire standards
  • Review permit requests
  • Assist property owners with re-zone and variance requests
  • Review subdivision plats and to insure city code is followed
  • Make recommendations to the appropriate boards and commissions
  • Serve as secretary for the Planning & Zoning Commission
  • Rental Inspections

Duties + Responsibilities of the Engineering/Safety Division

  • Perform inspections & planning work for public works projects
  • Maintain geographic information systems
  • Perform technical engineering fieldwork
  • Act as ADA Coordinator for City
  • Oversee & direct City safety programming under oversight of City Administrator
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