A community of lifelong learners, responsible global citizens, and champions of our own success.

Nothing contributes to the quality of life in Washington more than the educational opportunities offered to its residents from preschoolers to senior citizens. Unlike many communities our size, Washington parents of pre-school children are blessed with the choice of no fewer than seven preschool or daycare options.

Once children are ready for school, the Washington Community School District is ready to serve them with a quality faculty, well-equipped classrooms and forward-thinking teaching methods. There is also an outstanding private school option.

While students are still in the K-12 system and after they graduate, the Kirkwood Community College Washington County Regional Center at the edge of town offers a wide variety of courses for high schoolers to gain college credit and for graduates to obtain job training skills. Through Kirkwood’s “College Credit in High School Programming” students are able to explore a wide
variety of careers though Career Academy offerings. Students earn both high school and college credit, and at no cost to them or their families. Kirkwood also offers a full menu of courses for those interested in lifelong learning. Washington is located near the nationally ranked University of Iowa and Iowa Wesleyan College which has recently added new agri-business and wrestling programs.

Daycare + Preschool