Join our Dedicated Group of Core-Volunteers

Main Street Washington is a volunteer organization with a dedicated group of core-volunteers organized into the four-point system. We’re always looking for new volunteers for events or for our committees. Let us know if you’re interested in getting involved.

Through our mission our volunteers are often involved with many other groups and business interests.


Organization Committee:
This committee works to bring all stakeholders together to work more effectively to achieve a vital downtown district. Our stakeholders include merchants, lenders, governments, professionals, Chamber of Commerce, WEDG, and many volunteers.

The Main Street Washington Organization Committee is working to manage the logistical and financial aspects by:

  • Managing staff and volunteers
  • Recruiting people
  • Promoting our Program
  • Raising funds to support activities
  • Managing our finances

Organization Committee Members

  • Jessica Yoder – Chair
  • Jena Steele – Secretary
  • Brenda Myers
  • Elainie Turner
  • Deanne Townsend
  • Wilson Leppert
  • Kim Korschgen

Promotion Committee:
Through continued volunteer efforts our community can begin to focus on our downtown district as a source of community pride, social activity, and economic development through effective, enthusiastic promotion.

The Committee will be working to strengthen our downtown’s image and marketability by:

  • Focusing on our best assets and potential
  • Targeting our market niche
  • Helping revitalize our downtown as the community center
  • Attracting more investors and shoppers


Promotions Committee Members

      • Leslie Allender, Chair – Purposefully You Boutique
      • Virginia McCurdy, Secretary
      • Don Kline
      • Marianne Hanshaw
      • Cari Widdel – City Point Church
      • Emme Keith – WCHC
      • Karen Kuhlman – Don’s Jewelry
      • Jennifer Wilkerson – KCII Radio
      • Dawn Schindler – Bookkeeping
      • Ruth Rund
      • Megan Libe – Tipsy Travelers’
      • Alyssa Whittemore – Laundromutt

Design Committee:
The Design Committee plays a key role in shaping the physical image of Main Street as a place attractive to shoppers, investors, business owners, and visitors.

The Main Street Design Committee is working to:

  • Educate our community about good design
  • Provide sound design advice
  • Plan our downtown’s development
  • Motivate people to make changes

Design Committee Members

  • Heather Marek, Chair – HOMEgirl Realty
  • Becky Litwiller, Secretary – Elliott Realty
  • Illa Earnest – City Council
  • Mikhayla Knupp – Edward Jones

Economic Vitality:
These volunteers work to diversify the downtown economy by identifying potential market niches, finding new uses for vacant or underused spaces and improving business practices.

The Economic Vitality Committee is working to:

  • Identify new market opportunities and learning about the District’s economic condition
  • Find new uses for historic buildings
  • Recruiting new businesses
  • Stimulate investment in downtown properties.

Economic Vitality Committee Members

  • Maddie Widmer, President – Thrivent Financial
  • Mary Audia, Secretary – WEDG
  • Deanna McCusker – City of Washington Administrator
  • Brent Kromrie – KCTC
  • Jena Steele – Cambridge Investments
  • Paul Heath – UIHC
  • Michelle Redlinger – Chamber
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