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Permits are required for the following

Building Codes Enforced

2018 International Building Code

2018 International Fire Code

2018 International Mechanical code

2018 Uniform Plumbing Code

2017 National Electrical Code

See Chapter 155 of City Code of Ordinances

  1. Building (Construction of new buildings, room additions, garages, porches, fences & decks)
  2. Electrical (New wiring, adding any additional wiring to existing building, new services or upgrades)
  3. Plumbing (New piping or fixtures added to a structure)
  4. Mechanical (New mechanical units added or installed)
  5. Excavation (Work done in the city right of way such as driveways, sidewalks, etc.)
  6. Demolition (Demolition of any structure within City limits)
  7. Sewer Taps (Connecting any structure to the City sanitary sewer)
  8. Water Taps (Connecting any structure to the City water system)

Please contact the Development Services Department for questions about permit fees.

Process of Obtaining Permits

  • It is the responsibility of the contractor to make sure a permit has been pulled for the job.
  • It is the responsibility of the permitted to call for inspections.  All work must be inspected before work is covered up.
  • Work must be performed by a State of Iowa Licensed Contractor and employees must be licensed by the State of Iowa or the City of Washington, IA.
  • A penalty fee may be charged for failing to pull a permit before the job is started.  If the job is an emergency, call the inspector or building official and explain the situation.  The City wants to be as helpful as possible in this matter and we realize that emergencies happen.
  • Permits are non-transferable. All work must be done by the permitted or his licensed employees.
  • The permit will expire one year after approval date.
  • The permit becomes null and void if the work or construction authorized has not commenced within 90 days or if construction/work has been suspended or abandoned for a period of 90 days at any time after work has commenced.
  • No permit fee shall be waived, except for buildings owned and used by the City of Washington.  Waiver of permit fees shall require a resolution by the City Council of Washington, IA.