Take a walking tour of the murals in Downtown Washington!

Between buildings, above cars and towering over pedestrians are walls of color in downtown Washington. Thanks to some amazing partnerships and talented local artists, the Main Street district is home to multiple beautiful murals tucked around corners and down alleyways. Grab your kids, cat, dog or bestie and take a stroll to find them all!

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We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Clump of Literature – 115 W Washington St – Artist, Erin Rappleye
Umbrellas & Cats – 209 W Main St – Artist, Martin Cardenas
Inspirational Butterfly – 115 S 2nd Ave – Artist, Rachel Fishback
Carpe Diem – 210 S Iowa Ave – Artist, Martin Cardenas
World’s Oldest Operating Theatre – 123 E Washington St – Artist, Walldogs
Angel Wings – 115 S 2nd Ave – Artist, Rachel Fishback
Marshall’s Scene – 115 W Washington St
Meet Me in Washington – 207 S Iowa Ave – Artist, Ben Schuh

Mural Walk Downtown Washington